September 19, 2018 2 min read

Grow your booty

Ok, so you've been working on your booty for quite some time. And every time you finish your training you quietly look at yourself in the mirror. Nothing is happening. Nothing at all. The curves you dream of (well, whatever that is) are not there. Lifting a booty is something you can only dream of. So what is really happening?

First of all, you've might notice you've been doing it all wrong. Sorry to tell you that but it's important you get a credit for your work (in your case the best booty).


Take your booty workouts to the next level. If you're using weights, try lifting heavier weights. Not to be a bodybuilder but in a way to challenge yourself. Do not forget about the posture while lifting to prevent injuries.

If you want to take your leg and booty workouts to the next level, try our Hip Bands, which you can use to perform exercises like Hip Thrusts, Leg Presses, Kick Backs and many more.

Learn more about Hip Bands here.

Don't expect results in 1 week. Be patient. Challenge yourself, don't be a quitter. And don't forget – excuses don't burn calories.


Many exercises work on your quads and hamstrings. Maybe you've been doing just exercises that focus on lower glutes and not on upper.

Today is your lucky day as we are revealing the exercises that focus on upper muscles. You should immediately try the one and only booty exercise - hip thrusts.

How to perform it, find out here. 

So instead of squatting do 3 sets per 15 reps of hip thrusts. Continue with booty kicks (4 sets of 15 reps), clamshells (3 sets of 20 reps) and deadlifts (3 sets per 10 reps).


To build the best booty (or legs, core, whole body) requires from you to eat regularly and clean. Do you eat enough vegetables, lean proteins and good fat? Include this food in your diet plan and please, try to avoid processed food. It's not good for you or your booty.

You'll need to eat fewer carbs and more protein.


Make your plan simple and stick to it. Do not go overboard with workouts, pick 5 exercises per day and get really strong with those movements. If you need any inspirations, check out our workout programs with resistance bands and hip bands here.

I recommend you workout at least three times a week. At first you'll feel sore, but it will pay off.

Do a combo of strength training and cardio. Do not forget about rest days just to balance out your new workout routine. When training be as efficient as possible with your time as you only got a limited amount of hours in the week.

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