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Our story


We have always been inspired by outdoor and indoor sports. This is what has changed us and what changes our customers all over the world.
Every sports accessory was carefully designed for your needs. Your positive feedbacks force us to constantly improve and to provide you with the best indoor and outdoor accessories.
We want you to workout with confidence. To be the best version of yourself.
Experience the difference. So go ahead and change your life with our amazing products.


Sport2People is USA brand that designs indoor and outdoor accessories for women and men. The company was founded 2015 and has since then managed to collect over 500.000 loyal and strong customers, all over the world.
We design high-quality, attractively designed and durable products that function well, so you can live fully in the moment, without unnecessary distractions (such as handling devices).
Our aim is to inspire you to become the best version of yourself.
We find the inspiration in you and everyday life which empowers us with various challenges. Our community is built on passionate and open-hearted people who are connected to themselves, nature and friends.
We created an amazing relation to our customers by being active on social medias. This is the way we keep up with what the customers requires and expect from our brand.
We love to see your stories and workouts by using #sport2people or #sport2people_booty.


If you are looking for great products to support your active lifestyle, visit our shop.
If you have any question (or just want to say, “Hi”), please contact us. We would be glad to hear from you!