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Booty Hip Band (+ FREE Gift - Workout eBook)

By purchasing Booty Hip bands you will receive lifetime access to comprehensive FREE workout e-books! 

More than 80% of women would like to have a bigger, firmer and peachy-shaped booty but just a few of them achieve that goal, some studies show. 

Have you been working out like crazy but can’t get real results?Can’t even feel the burn in your peach? Want to build the best booty BEFORE SUMMER? 👙🏖

We know how difficult it is to go at least 3 times a week to a gym. You’ve got school, work, family, kids or just don’t feel like hitting a gym. You don’t need to skip your favorite workout routine! Grab Booty Hip band and work out in the comfort of your own home! 

Booty Hip band is the first fabric band that activates your glutes on the next level. The real booty game-changer will fire your glutes immediately. You will feel the super-activation the first time you’ll use it. Perfect for beginners and advanced users. Toss it into your suitcase and go on a trip. Never miss your workout again. 


The fact of the matter is that we sit at least 8 hours per day and not getting up frequently to stand or walk. Your glutes feel numb, even sore. The result is when you work out, even run, you don’t feel this muscle at all. No matter how hard you train you don't get results! 

To overcome this problem and reach your goal we designed a fabric resistance band that helps you activate even the most stubborn glutes. Your glutes will scream with activation! If your glutes won’t activate, MONEY BACK! 

Order now and receive a Free Workout Ebook 💌💕


🍑 INNER SLIP DESIGN:The inner layer has a silicone strip sewn into the band so that it will not slide up or down and works great. The band will stay exactly where you want it.

🍑 WHEN YOU WORK OUT YOU WANT RESULTS: Maximize your lower body resistance workout and add heavy-duty resistance to all booty workouts such as squats, deadlift, kickbacks, and hip thrusts. The band will take your glute growth and shaping to the next level. The real burn!

🍑 DESIGNED FOR ALL SHAPES AND SIZES: Available in 3 different sizes, they measure from 12'' to 17''. This way you can easily work out no matter what size or shape you are. Please see the size chart below. 

🍑 PORTABLE AND SMALL: Lightweight and takes up so little space you can pack it on travel, business trip or family visits. Never miss your booty workout again. Workout anywhere, anytime. 

Booty Hip band

Don't be fooled by merchandisers who offer only 1 size of the band. Some exercises are just to heavy to perform with only one level. We've got you covered with 3 levels of resistance in most stylish colors.

Choose a set of 3 Booty Hip bands and you'll be ready to ramp up booty&leg workout and see results much faster. REMEMBER: strong glutes also mean strong lower back and no more back pain.


NO ROLLING UP OR TWISTING: Rubbery stripes inside will keep the band in place and prevent from slipping or rolling down your legs during your training. 

DESIGNED FOR GLUTE & LEG WORKOUTS: Give your lower body workouts extra burn and take your squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts to the next level. Suitable for more than 30 different glute exercises.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND SMALL: They measure 12-17'' long x 3'' wide. We chose the best, sturdiest material out there and tested it. 

COMFY MATERIAL, 100% SKIN SAFE: Our hip bands are 100% skin safe. Odorless even after a long workout. Do not settle for less. You deserve more.

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