What booty type do you have

There are more than 3.7 billion women in the world but only 5 booty types, according to a New York plastic surgeon Matthew Schulman. So which one are you?


The famous owners of rounded booties are Kim Kardashian, Queen Bey, J Lo and Beyonce.

This booty type is widest at the center of the hips, and the booty is distinct from their waistline.

BOOTY STRATEGY: If you dream of (even) rounder booty, start doing squats. But you need to take squatting really seriously if you want great booty and legs.

Squat deep to make your booty work even harder. To add extra resistance and take your booty workout to the whole new level, use Booty Hip Band which have non-slip grips on the inner layer so your band will stay in place. No more slipping or rolling during your workout.

REPEAT: 3 sets per 30 reps

By using hip band you will increase the amount of activation in quadriceps and glutes.

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Square booty or H shaped butt (however you call it) is the type of booty that shapes due to the position of the hip bones, excess fat around the waist, genetics or other reasons.

Most women dislike square booty, are you among them? If you have a square bum and want to fix it, you should build a firmer and toned butt.

BOOTY STRATEGY: Before any workout start with jumping jacks. This is an exercise you've learned when you were a child so you won't have problems. Jumping jacks are also a great way to warm up and tone muscles in the hips and booty.

REPEAT: 3 sets per 30 reps

Fun fact: you can zap up to 15 calories per minute. If you add Booty Shape Bands you'll burn even more (our girl is using the red resistance band, which is medium resistance).

Booty Shape bands are laboratory tested, 42% stronger, yet lightweight.

Made from natural latex using the latest technology, so they don't lose any stretchiness and do not produce smell.

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A booty that widens below the hip bones is called an A-shape booty (or pear-shaped). 

Do you own an A-shape booty like Rihanna, Alicia Keys? If you have fuller thighs you are the lucky owner of pear-shaped booty; your booty has more volume at the bottom of the butt than at the top and rounded curves of the hips. You have a smaller waist. This is why it reminds of a pear.

BOOTY STRATEGY: Kick back and swing

This is a great exercise, but you add extra resistance for faster results

Place your Hip Band around your knees and start bending your knees. When you come to a stand, simultaneously pull your knee forward in front of your hips.

REPEAT: 3 sets per 10 reps with each leg (total)


The V-shaped booty has a shape of an inverted triangle; the widest point is at the hips and narrowing towards the bottom. If you have broad shoulders and narrow hips you probably own a V-shape booty just like a lot of models.

BOOTY STRATEGY: Your goal is to create the illusion of a rounder bum. Try All-fours lateral raises which help you target areas around your glutes to fill it out further. You have to focus on building that gluteus maximus to turn the V shape upside down.

Place the hip band around your knees and lift your leg directly behind you. Lift your heel as high as you can without leaning your torso too far forward. Start working on shaping your bum by doing Standing Booty Kicks. To feel that extra burn place Hip Bands. Better sore than sorry.

REPEAT: 2 sets per 20 reps with each leg


This booty has a curve to the outer hips and it carries more volume in the lower part of the hip. This type of booty is the most similar to a round booty.

So what can you do about it? Nothing. (Almost) Nothing at all as most women are trying to build this kind of booty type.

You should be working on it, to maintain the best booty.

BOOTY STRATEGY: Place the hip band just above your knees. You will feel the tension in the band when standing with feet hip-width apart. Engage your abs and take a controlled step out to the side with one leg. This exercise is called the penguin walk. 

REPEAT: 3 sets per 5 to 10 on each side