Ten foods that will make your booty grow

First of all, we have to resolve a very popular misconception. By eating a lot of junk food your booty will grow – but not in a healthy way. You'll also get a lot of tummy fat and probably gain a lot of weight. You'll be destroying your beautiful body and your soul. This is something we do not want you to do.

The good news is, you can still enjoy food, eat healthy and enjoy a healthy booty gain. We made a list of 10 foods which can help you gain booty, but we recommend you to do exercises for your booty with Booty Hip bands simultaneously. Booty Hip band is a fabric band featuring non-slip inner layer which prevents the band from slipping or rolling up during your workout. It's the best accessory if you want to lift and firm your booty. It provides much more reistance than traditional bands that's why you can build the best booty in no time.


Who's nuts about nuts?

If you're not a fan of nuts, become one immediately! Nuts are must eat food if your wish is to get a bigger butt. Why? Nuts contain good fats and proteins which will help you grow your butt.

Choose walnuts, cashews, almonds, and pistachios.

Are you in for fish?

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acid's, the healthy ones. The healthy fats help to remove the bad ones from your arteries. They are fighting the bad fat which is destroying your curvy butt.

We recommend you to choose between tuna, salmon, and tilapia.

Strong like Popeye!

One of best iron rich foods is spinach. It is believed to be one of the best vegetable foods to eat in muscle building. No wonder why Popeye was such a fan of spinach!

Why is spinach your best friend? It contains vital nutrients and is packed with monosaturated fats.

Eat it in salad, soup or cooked. Whatever you think of. Popeye understands.

Anyone for potatoes?

But not just any type of potatoes. Choose sweet potatoes. Replace the white rice or white flour with sweet potatoes which are known for burning stomach fat.

That's why you see so many supermodels eating sweet potatoes.

A glass of milk, please!

Milk is perfect for fast absorption and muscle recovery which leads to growth. Drink a glass of milk after a workout. Why? Just one glass of whole milk contains up to 9 grams of protein and amino acids which are essential for glute growth.

Make magic out of chia seeds

These seeds may be small, but they are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber.

Mix them in your oatmeal, make a pudding out of chia seeds and greek yogurt. Play with them and enjoy the after results.

The rich greek yogurt

If you pick greek yogurt, you can expect a rich bomb of proteins. Namely, the greek yogurt is richer in protein than the regular one.

It will also help you to absorb more nutrients from foods. We recommend you to check the label on the package to avoid the ones that are packed with tons of sugar.

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