6 Essential Preps Before Your Next Morning Run


Running in the morning is a great way to wake up and start a new day with an energy boost. If you're not a morning person, it may seem pretty impossible for you to start a day sweating. But the good news is you can become one. See our 6 tips on how to become a morning runner and begin enjoying morning runs.

1. Good night sleep

For starters, start avoiding midday naps and go to bed earlier. Before going to bed avoid TV, reading and other electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime.

Set your alarm and make sure to get to bed 7-8 hours prior to the time you need to wake up.

Going to bed at a decent time is the key to feeling fresh when you wake up.  

2. Start prepping the day before

Check the weather forecast and prepare your running clothes. Lay them out next to the bed so you will easily find everything in the morning.

Choose clothes with reflective straps that will help you be more visible during the morning run. If you usually carry a flashlight with you, we've got you covered. We designed a special LED Running Belt which is perfect for morning and evening runs. It has LED light with 3 super bright flashing modes and 2 reflective straps so there's no more need for carrying a heavy flashlight.

The super bright light ensures you to be seen more than 300 feet away even when car lights aren't shining.

We've also taken care of your necessities such as your phone. LED running belt has one roomy pocket in which you can easily fit all your small valuables. You don't need to worry about them as the material is water-resistant. Your phone will never get sweaty again!

Bonus: this running belt is bounce free so you will easily forget you're even wearing it and entirely focus on breathing and running.

Unlike other running belts has a rechargeable system and is fully eco-friendly. We also included the cable. Just 1 charge can supply up to 12 hours.

Learn more about LED Running belt below.

Psst, there are 3 colors available:

Fresh Green

Joyful Jellow

Candy Pink

3. Eat before you go

Don't run on an empty stomach otherwise you will likely experience fatigue, muscle pain, weakness and ruin the whole experience.

Grab some quick energy foods like banana or slice of toast with peanut butter. Staying away from these foods is important >>

4. Warm up

Warming up is essential before any run. But early in the morning when you haven't been moving around it is even more important. By warming up you will reduce the chance of an injury and improve your performance.

Best warm-ups for the morning run: start with a walk. Walk gently for three to five minutes. Proceed with dynamic stretches and with ABC Running drills.

5. Find a Running Buddy

Select a running buddy who is of a similar fitness level. This way your morning run will be a powerful energy boost.

You've probably heard this one:

Friends will wonder why you’re going to run 26.2 miles.

Running buddies will high-five you and revel in your accomplishment.

Or this one:

Friends will follow your race destinations on Instagram.

Running buddies will run a destination race with you.

Running buddy will give an amazing motivation even on days when you feel like staying in bed. Show him/her extra appreciation.

6. Coffee maybe?

Coffee is for sure a runner's best friend. Try a few sips of coffee before you leave your home. Some believe coffee is a performance booster; pre-race caffeine has been shown to enhance performance and endurance.

If Olympic athletes drink it to increase their performance why shouldn't you drink it?