The old saying is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is especially true if you're about to go for a run. Because you need fuel. But not just any type. You need the right fuel. So let's see what kind of food you should avoid before your (morning) run. The no-no food before running.

You should carefully choose your pre-workout snack. The wrong choice of food can lead to stomach problems, even heartburn, and diarrhea.

Many foods can cause you previously mentioned problems. We created a list of foods you should avoid before running.

Cereals are your number 1 enemy

If you are planning a long run, you need a lot of energy. And yes, carbohydrates can give you the required power. But not just every kind of carbohydrates. There is a big difference between them, so be careful.

If you eat for breakfast cereals, think again. They contain a lot of white sugar (check the nutrition value on the packing). This sugar will make your blood sugar spike and then rapidly fall. You will feel that. The fall will cause nausea and weakness.

Instead of white sugar consume natural sugar. How about you make some good old homemade granola? Instead of white sugar consider honey and other types of natural sugar.

No bacon or cheese before the run

Avoid cheese, bacon, burgers and other foods which contains saturated fats. The problem with fatty food is the fact that fat sits in your stomach. The result is longer digestion and digestive distress.

If you do not want to experience negative affects and uncomfortable feelings during running because of food, keep away from saturated fats. Still, do not forget about unsaturated fats, they are essential, especially for runners.

Is yogurt the answer to your problems?

If you usually drink a glass of yogurt or milk before a run, and you get problems with your stomach and digestion, like cramping, then the answer is in your glass.

Your problem is probably causing lactose so we advise you to check with your doctor to see if you might be lactose intolerant. For starters, you can try lactose-free milk, soy milk, rice milk and nut milk like almond milk

If you do not have these kinds of problems, we recommend you to not eat at least 1 and half hours before a run.

And remember: physical activity and exertion can also affect your digestion. Have a good careless run!