OK, just admit it. You cannot run without your phone (me too). It's almost your best friend by providing music, giving you the ability to reach your friends and family at any given time. Oh, and all the beautiful pictures you make during your run. Yeah, they always end up on Instagram.

If you can relate to the story described just a few rows above, then you act like the majority. Most people take their phones, iPods, money, keys, tissues on their run (maybe I forgot some things – if yes, tell us!) ...

These belongings make you feel safe and free while you are exploring your new limits. There's nothing wrong with that; I'm just the same as you! If you have ever tried running with your phone, then you know what I mean.

Running with your phone = not a good idea

Holding a phone in one hand or even carrying a running armband on your arm and in the other firmly squeezing your keys just doesn't sound like a careless run. Sweeting on your phone might damage it, or you might even accidentally drop it.

What a run to (not) remember!

Carrying all this stuff around can make things go south. Really wrong. Even though you just go for a 5'' mile run. It makes you think of wearing a backpack. It sounds like total nonsense, but on the other hand, it feels like the only rational move.

Sport2People Running Belt: the best solution for your problems

But no worries, there is a better solution! With this solution, you will finally run carelessly.

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Try Sport2People Running Belt and finally enjoy your run (and other outdoor activities). It comes with two separate pockets that are stretchy so you can store all your favorites.

Perfect size for your phone

The larger one is the perfect size for your iPhone – 6, 7, 8 Plus and even X! The smaller is ideal for your keys, money, credit cards and tissues. And if rain catches you, don't worry, the zippers are made of water-resistant spandex. They will prevent your belongings from getting wet.

Have I mentioned two extra great things about this running belt? It won't hurt your skin and chafe it because of friction producing while running. It's due to super-comfortable material, which is also extremely flexible.

Expendable size of the running belt

The size of the running belt is expendable – from 27.5 to 40.5 inches. The strap fits comfortably to your body, and it doesn't bounce. No matter how many things you store in your belt!

Oh, and did we mentioned a special earphone hole? In front of your new running belt you will find an earphone hole to insert your earphone line, so you can enjoy your favorite music while running.

Designed for you and your careless run!

Sport2People running belt:

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