For the past 9 months we couldn't sleep. We were totally focused on designing the most durable belt. The one that could have the unbreakable zipper and buckle. We were looking for the best options and making researches day and night. Did a lot of tests and got rid of samples that didn't meet our expectations. »Could we improve the inner layer as well,« asked our founder at one point. In the end, we managed to improve the inner layer too.

As always, our motto was to offer you reliable and high-quality products that will fully support you in finding strength, courage, and inspiration to work in all areas of life. We believe that people are happy and satisfied when they are in contact with themselves, this enables them to discover themselves and their undiscovered strengths and potentials. Therefore, our mission is to inspire people to re-establish contact with themselves through sport and nature.


When researching we came across the brand YKK. This Japanese firm is most known for its zippers and if you check your jeans there is a good chance you have a YKK zipper on it.

YKK zippers are believed to be the world's best zippers. The Japanese firm makes roughly half of all the zippers on earth, more than 7 billion zippers each year. YKK makes incredibly dependable zippers which work every time.

YKK zipper is extra secure and made of high-quality. It's water-resistant and distinguished by its reliability even after long use. You will easily slide in your running essentials into your Premium belt. Both pockets have zippers which will keep your stuff from accidentally falling out.

The new belt also features a durable and high-quality YKK buckle which is extremely lightweight and V-shaped. The buckle allows you for a smooth and easy plug insertion yet a tight lock and smooth adjustment with a simple motion.

As you might notice we didn't do any changes to the design itself. The belt has 2 zippered and stretchy pockets, one large, one small to fit your phone, keys, credit card, money or pepper spray.


The belt is made from high-quality water-resistant spandex that prevents moisture problems and sweaty phone. While wearing it the belt doesn’t move, bounce, jiggle or chafe. Your items will be dry in almost any weather condition.

The inner layer is reinforced and made from TPU, which makes it extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch.


Put it around your waist, cover with a shirt or jacket or wear it over your shirt. Fitted with a special earphone hole to listen to your favorite music or easily answer your phone calls.

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