5 tips for running your best half marathon

Want to improve your personal best? Here is everything you need for improvement.

New running shoes on a marathon? Yes, but ...

Let's start with your shoes. Choose lightweight shoes with good support. If you just bought a new pair of running shoes, wear them at least one 10-mile run at marathon pace.

Try to run at the same time as the start of your marathon. If possible try to run on a similar trail as your marathon will go.

This way you'll be prepared not just physically but also mentally. Running a marathon is a mental battle.

Do not forget to warm up

Warming up is the most important part you have to do before the race starts. The shorter and more intense your run is, the longer and more intense you warm up routine needs to be. By warming up, you will decrease a chance of injury.

Bring some warm clothes to keep you warm before the start.

Forget about safety pins

Many runners wear a race belt instead of safety pins. Safety pins ruin their T-shirts, sometimes they open during the race and even hurt their skin. If your race is interrupted by rain, your race number might fall. And you'll get disqualified.

The Sport2people Race belt is a perfect solution, as you can quickly apply around your waist and adjust your race number with two heavy-duty belt clips. The belt is exceptionally soft and comfortable. It's made of 100% high-quality nylon.

Two gel loops will help you stay fueled during your race as you can carry your favorite energy gels with you.

Do not forget to hydrate during your race

It's really important for you to stay hydrated. You need to drink about 150 ml of pure water every 15-20 minutes of your run. Do 2-3 swallows, so during a 1h workout, you'll drink up to 700 ml which is a regular bicycle bottle. This is how you'll prevent yourself from dehydration.

Don't look down, look up and around

Some studies have found out that looking down might ruin your run or even worse – marathon. When you look down you feel more pain, you talk to yourself more, and bad feelings might occur.

Instead of staring at things try to look up. Use your peripheral vision.

Last but not least – try to enjoy. You run for yourself and yourself only.