When your running buddy is too busy, and you're left alone, you have to face going for a run all alone. It might seem weird running alone after all this time, but don't worry. Here are 5 tips on how to run alone.


Wear sports apparel with reflective darts which will increase your visibility and your levels of enjoyment and pleasure.  

Running belts are extremely useful in this case. Well, the ones with reflective darts, like Sport2People Running Belt. Our running belt has 3 reflective darts for extra protection during running as they are easily noticed by drivers. We recommend you not to wear black, blue or navy colored clothes as they are virtually invisible for traffic.


Another reason why you should wear a running belt is always to have your phone by your side. You never know what could happen. Maybe you just need someone to talk to or you might get injured and you need help. So don't forget to pack your phone.

We designed Sport2People Running belt especially for runners who require more. That's we designed 2 separate pockets (other brands have belts with only one pocket), one is large and the other one is smaller.

The larger is a perfect fit for your new iPhone, Galaxy Note 9+, Huawei P20 PRO, LG G7 THINQ, OnePlus 6 and smaller smartphones. The water-resistant spandex will protect your phone and other valuables no matter the weather condition or sweat. You’ll save your phone from scratches or losing your valuables.

Unlike other running belts Sport2People Belt doesn't lose signal during running or other outdoor/indoor activities. You can track your workout, running routes, heart rate no matter the activity or location.


Pack gels to fuel yourself and store them in a smaller pocket. You’ll be able to store safely even your keys and credit cards.


For additional motivation put on some energetic music and quicken the pace. We designed a special earphone hole for listening to your favorite music. You can enjoy a pleasant and relaxed running experience.


It doesn't bounce, jiggle, move or chafe due to comfortable material 

The outer material is water resistant, breathable, stretchy and comfortable even in the later miles.

The running belt has kept my cell phone and keys secured while running. It kept my phone dry when it pour down raining while I was running. I am very happy with the product. Thank you!” (Juan, June 12, 2018)

It comes in adjustable length from 27.5'' to 40.5'' so it fits women and men.

Very comfortable fit, big enough for me- I have a 40” waist. It feels very well made, it arrived on time, as described, and in good condition.”(J. Wilkerson, May 29, 2018)

This particular Sport2People Running Belt can accommodate even the biggest phones currently on the market including the iPhone X, the newest Samsung phones and more.” - Best Womens Workouts

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