We all want it. The whole world is obsessed with big booties. Want to know how to build it and what mistakes to avoid? These are little secrets of women who have been blessed with big booties. Eeem, well, it's not just the genes!

Do you train your booty enough?

If you're training your glutes just once a week, well think again. It's time to rethink your booty strategy. Start working out the glutes at least 3 times per week.

Doing the same old exercises all over again

Well, hate to break it to you but your glutes are being bored when you constantly do the same exercises every single time.

What to do? Start incorporating weights and hip bands. Have you tried doing banded hip thrusts? By incorporating hip bands into your booty and leg workout you will add so much more resistance and get results much quicker. Why? The Hip band helps you to engage glute muscles on a whole new level. By incorporating hip bands you can activate even those sleepy glutes and really feel the burn in glute area.


Booty Hip bands Sport2People

We strongly believe in our hip bands. We designed them to really target and engage glute muscles. The idea for this product came after Christine, one of our team members experienced bad results in growing her booty. Christine found her solution in hip bands. Besides results, she loves that these fabric bands have a non-slip inner layer which prevents the band from rolling up or moving during exercise.

Going loooow!

Okay, so we've talked about squats. Squats are forbidden if you wish to grow your booty. Unless you squat differently. Regular squats engage thighs and you do not want that. So how to activate glute muscles when squatting? It's simple. Go lower than usually and when you push yourself back up really squeeze those glute muscles. Have your tried squatting with hip bands? Try it! Banded squats will demolish you and your glutes.

Cardio before? Never do this mistake!

Never do cardio before your main workout. Why? After cardio your legs will be fatigued so you won't have enough energy left to perform all exercises and go beyond your strenght. You won't see much progress.

What to do? Do HIIT after you're finished with your main workout. Do 15-20 min two or three times per week.

Stop doing the same exercises all over again

If you choose the same exercises and do them every workout your booty won't be growing the way you want to. Actually, it won't grow. You need to shock your muscles with variaty of exercises otherwise your muscles will get used to doing exercises and won't grow at all.

Include hip thrusts, lateral walks, squat jumps, squat pulses, donkey kicks, fire hydrant etc. The best thing about these exercises is that you can easily add resistance and incorporate hip bands. Our hip bands come in three different sizes which allow you to do 100's and more booty exercises.


Booty Hip bands Sport2People