4 Amazing features of Hands-free dog leash

This dog leash will literally change your life! Isn’t running with your dog the best thing you can do? On the other hand, it can be also overwhelming and dangerous for both of you. Yanking and pulling can end up with shoulder injuries or even back pain.

Many runners try running with a standard leash but quickly they find out this is not the best solution. Many feel that their arms are going to be ripped off. That’s why many decide to just stop running with their four-legged best friend. But that’s just wrong!



Sport2People Hands-free dog leash is basically 3 in 1 product. It consists of a running belt which is basically a Sport2People Running belt Classic and of a dog leash. One of the benefits of this product you’ll find you can use it separately or at once.


We are extremely excited to tell you that you can use this leash for your dog. It is suitable for all dogs, small, medium, and large, any breed up to 110 lbs. Is your four-legged friend a stubborn little fellow? Don’t worry about being pulled or yanked. This dog leash is designed with shock-absorbing bungee and reinforced stitches which will help you guys be safe.

How does shock absorbing bungee work? When you walk or run it absorbs sudden jolts by stretching from 42.5’’ through 56.6’’ and it reduces tension on pulls from every direction. This means no more back pain or feelings your arm is going to be ripped off! When the dog starts to pull the leash pulls him back so he cannot pull too far.

For additional safety, we designed it with dual paddled handles which allows you to conveniently switch to the traffic handle for instant control when needed. Your dog won’t feel affected but your sports experiences will dramatically improve.

This means you can finally run, walk, or hike hands-free and have all of your essentials at your fingertips. You store your phone, credit card, ID, keys, doggy treats, and poop bags into the belt which is made of water-resistant material so you can go for a walk in any weather situation. Even at night! Our stitching is reflective and so are parts on the belt.