Worst place to hold your phone


A lot of runners complain they ruin their phone on the run. If you're a runner, then you know how important it is to have (at least) your phone at the fingertips. But this can easily ruin your running buddy.

We asked runners where they keep their phone and this is what they told us.

Some run with their phone in their hand or on their arm. We've tried running with phone holding it in hands and we have to admit, the feeling was OK. Ok, so you can make a selfie literally every second, but that's just the only positive thing.


Holding your phone in your hands is actually just a distraction. Your phone will become sweaty and sticky which might ruin it. Running across diverse terrain could lead to an accidental drop.


If you ask women, they would enlighten you with another trick of storing a phone. Many keep their phone in a sports bra. Yes, it seems like a good idea – even on safety perspective, but all these women who have tried running with their phone in a sports bra will tell this wasn't a good idea. It's actually the same as holding it in a hand - as sports bras get sweaty which means your phone will end up wet.


Some are more creative – OK, I admit, I've tried this many times. I stored my phone in a sock. Have you tried this? Don't do it. It's actually funny to stick a phone in socks, but all the chafing will just get you a blister and so much pain. Oh, did I mention your phone will get sweaty?

So what to do?

You have two options.

Either you go running without your phone or you find a better and safer solution such as running belt. Wearing a running belt and storing your phone in it is a much safer solution.

Sport2People Running Belt was designed for runners like you. For runners who want more. Who want to run carefree and hands-free. It was designed by runners (we team Sport2People are big lovers of running therefore we understand what you as a runner need) who like to carry their phone, keys, credit cards, cash and small devices without added bounce, jiggle or chafe.

The bigger pockets fits the new iPhone XS MAX and smaller smartphones. And not only that, Sport2People Running belt will save your phone from scratches and sweat. Our Running belt is made of water-resistant spandex that prevents moisture problems and sweaty phone. The material is comfortable and doesn't mess with your signal. You will never lose a signal unlike other running belts on the market.

Pack your keys, credit cards, money and tissues in the smaller pocket and you're ready for a run.

We increased waist size so you don't need to search for the right size of running belt anymore. Sport2People Running belt is equipped with a soft elastic waist and fits all shapes and sizes, as it comes in adjustable length from 27.5’’ to 40.5’’. It’s suitable for all family members, from kids, parents to grandparents.

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