Shape your booty (4-week program included) - Sport2People
Shape your booty (4-week program included) - Sport2People
Shape your booty (4-week program included) - Sport2People
Shape your booty (4-week program included) - Sport2People

Shape your booty (4-week program included)

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Shape your Booty

If you were not born with the perfect body than you are just like Petra Ugrin, the author of this e-book.

Many believe her figure and round booty is something she born with, but they are so wrong. She didn't used to have this kind of figure. Few years ago she changed the way she exercised and completely reshaped her booty and body.

She used to train 7-9 times per week, sometimes even twice a day. Despite all of her efforts, the body she wanted wasn't there. She wasn't burning fat. She was suffering from water retention.


Today she as a personal trainer trains 4-5 times a week, at most one hour a day. She trains wisely. So does her clients. During the last eight years she helped more than 300 clients, merely women. They lost weight, burned fat, reduced celullite and reshaped their booty and body.


Now she is releaving her secret to her perfect body: in this workout program you'll find her secret to success, also tips for diet.

She made a workout program that will completely change your body. You don't need to exercise every single day. You can do these workouts only three times per week.


Your first results will be visible in two to three weeks. You'll notice better muscle tonus and improved shape of your muscles. Your muscles will be healthy, nicely shaped and firm.

This e-book contains highly-effective 4-week workout program, incorporating Booty Shape Bands and two double-sided core sliders, which can be used for hard and laminate surfaces. You can get your ultimate set for full body workout here >>


At the end of every workout week, you'll find a calendar of your workout program. We enlisted also a special list where you can write down your improvement. You will be able to measure your thighs, booty and waist before every workout.

This is where your journey starts. One of Petra's favorite quotes that help her reach a goal every time is: »There is no elevator. You have to take the stairs.«

Please note: this e-book incorporates Booty Shape Bands and Core Sliders which will help you achieve results 3 times faster.

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