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Massage ball set

The most POWERFUL MASSAGE BALL set on the market!

Sport2People massage set includes 1 Spiky ball and 1 Lacrosse ball to help you quickly relieve pain, undo painful knots, improve muscle function, and stimulate circulation in sore muscles.

It offers different levels of stimulation according to your preference. The real lifesaver for alleviating pain in your back, shoulders, feet, thighs, knots, plantar fasciitis, and eliminating headaches!

MADE OF PREMIUM GRADE 100% NATURAL RUBBER which exhibits high resilience, good tensile strength, and tear resistance. The practical size and fully adjustable massage set at your home!

Spiky massage roller allows easily adjusting hardness and firmness by inflating or deflating air to help you recover from plantar fasciitis. Upgrade your massage routine with a Lacrosse ball! Dig more deeply into bound tissue, a safe way to undo your back knots. Durable, outstanding set, and fast shipping!


"Nothing better than coming from standing at work all day to roll this spiky ball around my feet to relieve my aches and pains." Our balls will help you release tension in your muscles and tissues, eliminate knots, provide you self-trigger point therapy massage of the piriformis muscles, myofascial release, and give you a nice massage in the comfort of your home or office. Perfect firmness, but soft and pleasant to the touch.


Small yet durable and highly-effective massage set you can take everywhere! Perfect for after workout such as running after cooling down.

Use it regularly and make a huge difference in your recovery, muscle performance, decreasing fatigue, and getting the right knots out of your legs, shoulders or back. Sit or lie and place the ball where your pain is. Move around slowly and gently. Easy to clean and maintain.