LED Running Belt 2.0

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  • Help drivers see you when you are running up to 300 feet (90 metres)
  • 3 flashing modes and 2 reflective darts for optimal visibility and security
  • LED Sport2People Running belt perfect for night running and other activities
  • Improved battery
  • Eco-friendly belt with USB rechargeable system
  • Roomy pocket for storing your valuables
  • Water-resistant material (spandex)
  • Adjustable size, from 25-35 inch (63,5-88,9 cm)


Jogging - Running - Cycling - Hiking - Child safety - Walking

By wearing Sport2Poeple LED belt you will be the most shining light in driver's eye. Did you know 122,000 runners get hit by cars every car? The majority of accidents take place early in the morning and between 6 PM and 9 PM, when the visibility isn't good enough.

Sport2People LED Running belt will make you more visible in the traffic. Designed with 3 flashing modes (constant light, fast light and slow light) and 2 reflective darts will make you visible up to 300 feet. Different flashing modes will attract driver's eye and keep you safe on your run.

Easily shift between different modes.

Sport2People LED Running belt has USB rechargeable system unlike other LED belts or armbands. Stop waisting money for batteries and choose eco-friendly belt. With your new LED belt you will receive a USB cable (1). One charging for up to 12 hours. It is recommended you fully charge it before its first use.

Have your phone at your fingertips. Belt has a pocket which is large enough to store your phone and keys. Wear it and finally focus on your run. Challenge yourself and be visible&seen.

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