Improve your overall flexibility in just 15 min a day - Sport2People
Improve your overall flexibility in just 15 min a day - Sport2People
Improve your overall flexibility in just 15 min a day - Sport2People

Improve your overall flexibility in just 15 min a day

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Stretching Exercises with Stretching Strap

Want to increase your flexibility and overall health? With this e-book you will improve your stretching routine in just 15 minutes a day.

This is the ultimate full body stretching guide with Sport2People Stretching Strap. In it you will find 15 exercises that will give you a nice stretch. You will feel improvement in no time.


Just by taking a few minutes each day stretching you will improve your overall flexibility which can help you maintan full mobility and range of motion. Not to mention improving your breathing and have a clearer mind.

  • 15 highly effective stretching exercises you can do anywhere
  • Detailed instructions on how to perfom exercises
  • Exercises suitable for active and non-active people


  • Stretch more effective, safe and enjoyable
  • Stretch deeper and hold the pose longer than normally
  • Minimize risk of injury
  • Increase flexibility
  • Take care of good postore
  • Relax and relieve tension in your muscles

Literally everyone – no matter if you do not exercise regularaly, are a busy mum, love pilates or yoga, are a running enthusiast or a fitness lover – you need to stretch regularly.

Flexibility allows us to accomplish everyday tasks of daily living. If you want to tie your shoes, reach to put groceries away in a cupboards, jump to throw a basketball or swim 100 metres. In all of this cases your joints must be taken through a full range of motion with minimal effort.

By stretching on a regular basis you will decrease stress, reduce pain and stiffness, improve your overall health, improve overall function, reduse risk of injury, enhace performance, improve blod flow and circulation, increase enregy and improve quality of life.

Please note: this e-book incorporates Stretching Strap which helps you stretch more effective and safe. It will give a gentle support, allowing you to go deeper and hold the stretch longer than you normally would be able to.

Download this e-book and enjoy it on your iPhone (or other smartphones) or iPad (and other tablets). Please note that this is not a printable version.

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