Are you a running or a fitness enthusiast? Want to become Sport2People Ambassador? You’re in the right place!


Do you share a love for running, fitness, yoga and/or pilates?

Do you have a strong social media presence?

If YES, we’d love to have you apply for you Ambassador program below.

Fill out the form to the best of your ability AND contact us on to pick your FREE Sport2People product. Without contacting us on email your application WILL NOT BE APPROVED. Note that every completed application will be thoroughly checked.


  1. Click here to join. 
  2. Mandatory: Send us an email to and tell us who you are and pick a FREE Sport2People product (valued up to $50) of your choice every month. We’ll contact you back within 1 week.
  3. When your application is approved you'll receive an email with unique tracking link. All you need to do is share this link on your website, email communications, social media posts, videos, or text messages. 
  4. Post a photo/Story of one of our products on your Instagram and tag @sport2people & #sport2people or @sport2people_booty & #sport2people_booty (depends on a product you promote) in the caption text.
  5. The BEST part of becoming Sport2People ambassador? If someone uses that unique link in order to make a purchase on, you get 20% of the profit. As an affiliate, your potential earnings are without a limit. We will track the number of sales you make by the personalized discount code given to you. 
  6. Last but not least – ALL ambassadors receive a 20% store discount (regular priced merchandise only) at all times as long as all requirements are consistently being met.


Ambassadors must be visibly promoting Sport2People Products through unique content. Any post or Story must include a Sport2People tag (#sport2people and @sport2people or #sport2people_booty and @sport2people_booty, depending on what product you are promoting).

To maintain your brand ambassador perks we expect to see at least 4 posts/Stories (ideally one post per week).

These four posts/Stories must be Sport2People exclusive meaning no other store or brands may be tagged or promoted in the same post.

BONUS: Our brand ambassador program allows participants also an opportunity to write articles published on or blogs which can be promoted on social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

This a great opportunity not just to be noticed by wider audience and help you grow as an influencer in the sport/fitness community but also to grow your social and professional network.


Meet us at Instagram @sport2people (Running Accessorries) or @sport2people_booty (Booty and Core Fitness Accessories). If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on