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Lacrosse balls

Lacrosse massage balls Sport2People

Are you under stress and feel pain in muscles? Two special balls can do the magic. Sport2People Lacrosse balls are carefully designed to help you release tension in your muscles and tissues, decrease pain and stimulate circulation. Do oyu sit a lot in front of your computer? Pamper your sore muscles with Sport2People Lacrosse balls.

Unlike tennis balls, lacrosse balls are hard and dense.

They do not soften under pressure.

Perfect also for decreasing fatigue after exercise.

They come in a portable pouch so you can carry them everywhere. Need a gentle massage at work? No problem. Store them in office drawer and give yourself a nice massage when needed. Or you can take them with you when you go on vacation.

Soft and pleasant to touch yet firm enough to apply pressure. They are made of premium-grade, 100% natural rubber that provides great grip and perfect firmness. Environmentally friendly.

They are great alternative for foam roller or tennis ball that cannot get so deep into the muscle like these balls do.

Extremely lightweight (5.3 oz) and small-sized (2.5'') so you can carry them anywhere you go. Convinient and portable mesh bag included, perfect for travel.

They are sturdy and durable and will last long.


Simply place them on any area that you want to target.

Lay on them, and roll them up and down your problem area.

Not so firm that you cannot handle the pressure when laying on them.


  • Relaxing muscles
  • Releasing pressure from trigger points
  • Treatment for feet, back, neck and shoulders
  • Eliminating muscle knots
  • Activating deceralated lymphatic system
  • Self-trigger point therapy massage
  • FREE extended warranty