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"I went running with my phone, wallet and keys in my pocket... WORST RUN EVER!!! I got this belt and first thought this is going to be silly. Not silly at all it’s not only a great running belt and stops all the swinging of your stuff you have to carry. But it’s a great belt to use just out and about!!! LOVE IT!!!!" (J. Daly on May 9, 2018)

Why choose the Sport2People Running belt?

✅ Smartphones are getting too large for armbands

✅ More fashionable choice as they are designed for modern runners

✅ Bounce, jiggle and chafe FREE

✅ Extremely comfortable and breathable material; you won't even notice you have it on

Enough room to store your valuables (2 expendable and stretchy pockets)

✅ Water-resistant spandex protects your phone and other valuables no matter the weather condition or sweat

Soft elastic waist and adjustable from 27.5'' to 40.5''

Designed for dedicated runners. For you.

  • 2 zippered pockets to have your valuables always at the fingertips; Large pocket is big enough for your phone as it fits new iPhone XS MAX and smaller iPhones or Android smartphones
  • the smaller pocket is perfect for storing keys, credit cards, money, gels, tissues, even US passport
  • 3 Reflective darts for extra protection during running
  • Special earphone hole for listening to your favorite music
  • Durable zipper
  • FREE extended warranty


Unlike other running belts Sport2People Belt DOES NOT LOSE SIGNAL during running or other outdoor/indoor activities. Track your workout, running routes, heart rate no matter the activity or location.

By using Sport2People Running Belt you’ll save your phone from scratches or losing your valuables.

When opened your valuables do not fall out of the pounch.

Our customers use the sport2people Running belt for:

➡ Running, ➡ Race day, ➡ Gym, ➡ Other activities like walks, jogging, etc., ➡ Traveling – pack your US passport and money into the belt; have your belongings safely out of sight and always ready at hand

Product Highlights

  • US&EU patent
  • Material: waterproof spandex
  • 2 expandable pockets
  • Suitable for: new iPhone XS MAX and smaller iPhones or Android smartphones
  • Size: from 27.5 - 40.5 inch (waist size)
  • Strap Width: 1.5”
  • 3 reflective darts
  • Hand wash only, do not scrub aggressively due to possible damages on fabric
  • UPC: 850397007492


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