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3 Pairs Running socks, Anna


Sport2People Running socks use seamless toe design to prevent uncomfortable rubbing, chafing, and blister on toes, heel, and ankles.

Designed for active days, made of a high-quality microfiber – nylon microfiber (96%) and elastane (4%), the special fabric that wicks moisture away from the foot to keep it dry. Not cushioned hence perfect for runs, up to 10k.   

Less moisture helps prevent the growth of bacteria which can cause odor and health problems. Breathable socks, soft material, hugging the curves of your feet without feeling too tight. Second-skin fit. Very elastic material, comfortable and soft to touch. Made to last. Without leaving lint after wearing them.  


HEEL TAB prevents socks from slipping into a shoe or falling down the back of your shoe, ARCH SUPPORT helps to stabilize the foot and absorbs impact, COMPRESSION helps to hold the sock in place and promotes blood circulation, Y STITCHES FORM a cup around the heel to fit better and help keep the material from pulling down and bunching around the heel inside your shoe.

NO CHANCE OF SLIPPING in your shoes!   


Sport2People running socks can be used at all seasons of running, cycling, hiking, playing tennis, even for daily use. 

UNISEX design made for men and women. Made and designed in Europe, ensuring the highest social, material, and production standards.

Sold as a set of 3 so you can always wear a pair of fresh dry socks for each jog.

Socks are stretchy and run comfortably snug, true to size. See the size chart.

If you suffer from painful blisters after each run, then it’s time to invest in these athletic socks designed carefully to meet your needs. We know how carefree run important is to you. We strongly believe in the high-quality of our products that’s why we offer you a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

If you aren’t fully satisfied for any reason, return the socks within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. 24/7 customer service. Happy feet, happy runner!