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Super Microfiber Yoga Towel


Are you a big yoga lover but you struggle with slippery yoga mat? Pouring sweat? Cannot flawlessly perform yoga positions? Having difficulties with balance? Are you annoyed with your sweaty yoga mat?

Do you know you are putting yourself in danger of hurting your knees? Do you know how dirty your yoga mat is? Do you need to buy a new yoga mat due to damages on the mat's surface?

We understand your problems. We do not want you to quit yoga (or other sports) that's why we what to share a perfect and simple solution with you.

Hence the non-slip and skid-less towel we bet your muscles structure will improve, become more firm, your confidence in yoga poses will increase. It provides a soft grip on your mat.

What's the trick you ask? The microfiber's texture – it's a perfect blend of polyester (80%) and polyamide (20%) which provides you firm, non-slip grip on towel and yoga mat.

Premium quality and ability to absorb 5-times its weight in water yet allows you a quick air dry!

Here's a guide on how to use Sport2People Microfiber towel >>

Why Sport2People Yoga Towel is your best choice?

  • High-quality microfiber, yoga-mat size, lightweight
  • Extra soft, highly absorbent and quick drying
  • Comfortable and pleasant; does not stick to wet skin
  • Antibacterial and anti-mold, no odor after use, no smell
  • Bright, lasting colors, easy to clean (machine washable)
  • Comes with a bag and FREE extended warranty

It’s easy to use – open your bag, unfold the towel and you're ready to hit the yoga or pilates class.

Sport2People Yoga Towel is perfectly sized (24"x71") and super light so you can carry wherever you go and carelessly perform pilates or yoga. It is extremely fashionable, it comes in blue grey, light blue, purple and red color, you can also choose between two sizes: 20x40" or 24x71".

  • extends the life of your yoga mat
  • decreaces a chance of feet slipping
  • absorbs sweat
  • protects you from bacteria

You'll notice a significant change after the first use, but just after two weeks of using microfiber towel you'll experience increased performance, more accurate execution and firmer thighs, stronger core, back, and arms.

One of the best advantages of this towel is multivariate usage. You can use this towel not just for yoga or pilates, but also for other sports like swimming. It's also a spoiling gift for your skin after a shower.

You can order it here and start improving your yoga poses, posture and start really enjoying your yoga minutes (or hours)!