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Take your booty to the next level with Booty Hip Bands

Are you tired of the reflection you see in the mirror? Want to totally reshape your booty? Want to know the secret of women who have a toned booty?

If you answered with YES to any of the question above, then you're in the right place for the complete 4-week booty transformation.

In this ebook, we put together the best booty-boosting and toning exercises into 23 fun, easy to follow and super-effective workouts you can do everywhere anytime.

You'll receive a special 4-week workout program which was designed by personal trainer Petra Ugrin who has helped more than 300 women with reshaping booty.

  • 23 highly effective booty workouts
  • 4-week workout program
  • Tips on how to perform exercises
  • Measurement calendar to track your progress
  • Transform your body in just 15 minutes a day by strengthening your glutes
  • Get a firm and rounded booty and smaller waist
  • Reduce cellulite on your booty and legs
  • Work on all three muscle groups which make up the buttocks look perfect
  • Add some serious burn to your glutes and legs during any move
  • Exercise safely and targeted
  • Notice results much faster due to extra resistance
  • Feel more confident and attractive
  • Be able to workout everywhere, anytime

Anyone who is bored with their fitness routine and want to spice up their workout.

Anyone who is looking for highly effective workouts to reshape booty.

Anyone who is tired of uneffective workouts.

Anyone who wants results – and fast.

Anyone who is looking to tone booty and is aware how essential strong glutes are.

Please note: this e-book incorporates Hip Bands which add extra resistance to your booty workout.

Download this e-book and enjoy it on your iPhone (or other smartphones) or iPad (and other tablets). Please note that this is not a printable version.

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