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Get the best booty ever in 4 weeks

Want to know how to get the best booty? This ebook is the answer.

Get the best booty ever in 4 weeks is THE ultimate e-book for booty workouts with Booty Shape Bands. In it you will find eight killer exercises which target all three booty muscles.

Not only will they make your glutes on fire, they will also help you burn more fat and achieve your dream goal – to get the best booty. Even after you stop exercising.

Prepare your Booty Shape Bands, open your e-book and put on a smile - let’s get to work. You can do these exercises everywhere and anytime.

Remember, excuses don’t burn calories.

  • 8 killer booty workouts with Booty Shape Bands you can do anywhere
  • Detailed Instructions on how to perfom workouts
  • Described targeted area
  • Workouts suitable for beginners and advanced
  • Get the best booty ever in just 15 minutes a day
  • Get a firm and rounded booty and smaller waist
  • Reduce cellulite on your booty and legs
  • Be able to workout anywhere, anytime

Anyone who has have flat booty and want a firm, rounded one.

Anyone who is tired of workouts which promise you results – which never happen.

Anyone who want to spice up your workout routine and add some resistance.

Anyone who wants results – and fast.

Anyone who want great results.

Please note: this e-book incorporates Booty Shape Bands which add extra resistance to your booty workout.

Download this e-book and enjoy it on your iPhone (or other smartphones) or iPad (and other tablets). Please note that this is not a printable version.

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